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Updated: Mar 27, 2024

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Contis Financial Services Ltd issues the Jeton Visa debit card, while the Bank of Lithuania authorizes it. This debit card offers all the standard perks you find in Visa debit cards, plus an online account and a mobile app to help cardholders take complete control of their finances.


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Jeton Visa® Debit Card

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Key Features

  • Ready to use right away without any hidden fees or surprises
  • Virtual and physical debit cards
  • Use your Jeton Card to easily access your money, no matter where you are
  • Freeze your physical and virtual cards so that you can make transactions without fear of them being stolen or frozen
  • Your transactions are safe and under your control
  • You can easily keep track of your spending and export your transaction statements whenever you need
  • Apple and Google apps are available

Our Take

Jeton Debit Card is the Best for

  • People who can’t or don’t want to use a credit card
  • Consumers interested in paying minimal fees
  • People who already use Jeton Wallet
  • People who wish to have both a physical and a virtual debit card
  • Anyone who wants to have complete control of spending

What are Jeton Debit Card Advantages?

Before applying for this debit card, you should know its advantages. Here are the most noteworthy.

Worldwide acceptance

This debit card is a Visa. That means you can use it anywhere merchants accept Visa card payments. The card works both in physical stores and on online ecommerce sites. As long as you have funds on your account, you can use the card to make purchases and pay bills in the country and while travelling.

Great convenience

The card comes with a contactless pay chip. In today’s world, it’s a must-have feature. It doesn’t only make payments hassle-free but also makes them safe and secure. You will still have to provide your debit card number, CVV code, and card expiration date when purchasing online.

Making payments in the SEPA zone

The Single Euro Payments Area1 or SEPA is the zone consisting of all EU countries and many non-EU countries, including Canada. Making payments in this zone using the card is safe and fast, as if you are making a national payment. As a cardholder, you will have a dedicated IBAN so that you can deposit money onto your card via a SEPA transfer.

Low fees

This card is one of the Visa debit cards with the lowest fees possible. The total annual fee is way below the industry average, and there is no monthly maintenance fee. You can also avoid paying the annual fee if you load, deposit, or make a minimum of €10.000 purchase (or the equivalent in other currencies, such as C$13,170) every year. You will have to pay attention to using a debit card to make payments in a foreign currency, as the fee can go up to 5% of the transaction value.

Complete control of your card

All cardholders have access to the company’s mobile app. The app comes with many features to help you have complete control of your card. You can use the app to freeze or unfreeze your physical and virtual cards with one screen tap. You can also use it to view your PIN if you ever forget it.

Insight into spending

The mobile app also enables you to see your card balance. Additionally, you can review your transaction history to keep track of your spending. The app can also export your transaction statements on demand to give you more insights into your spending habits.

Seamless integration with Jeton Wallet

Jeton Wallet is an e-wallet to help you manage your finances and streamline transactions; this debit card works seamlessly with it. You can send funds to your card, move your money how you see fit, or even load your wallet with cryptocurrency and use it with your card.

Easy sign-up process

Since we are talking about a debit card, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see very few card sign-up requirements. What comes as a refreshing surprise is how easy it is to do it. You can sign up online in a few minutes and receive your card soon at your address.

Excellent customer support

One of the best perks Jeton debit cardholders can benefit from is excellent customer support. You can access it 24/7/365 via the live chat option. Live chat is available on the official website and the mobile app, so you can choose the more convenient option.

Are there any Disadvantages?

If you consider applying for this debit card, you should know its downsides.

The card comes with a couple of limits. The daily spending limits are not so harsh. You will be able to spend up to €11,700 (roughly C$15,400) on ecommerce or POS purchases daily. However, if you decide to withdraw cash from an ATM, you will be able to get only up to €300 (C$395).

Your card balance is limited to €12,000 (approximately C$15,800). You won’t be able to fund your card beyond this limit even if you are a years-long cardholder.

The foreign currency transaction fee is also something that can potentially cost you a lot of cash. At the moment, it’s from 3% to 5%. Making small purchases in a foreign currency is sustainable. However, if you intend to make a big purchase in a foreign currency using this card, the fee can increase considerably.

What Makes Jeton Debit Card Different

If anything makes this card unique, then it is the Jeton Wallet, which you will get access to as a cardholder. With Jeton Wallet, you can enjoy secure and fast online money transfers.

You should know that you can load your e-wallet with a compatible cryptocurrency and then transfer your funds to your card in your preferred currency.

As a debit card owner you want to have minimal limits when it comes to funding your account. With Jeton, you won’t have to worry as the company supports over 27 currencies and accepts payments in more than 200 countries.

Finally, the company is preparing to release JClub for its clients. JClub is a loyalty program that offers seven levels, each including unique benefits such as cashback, free money transfers, low FX rates, and other rewards.

Bottom Line

At first glance, the Jeton Visa debit card is a standard debit card that you can use to make payments in locations supporting Visa. However, combine it with Jeton Wallet and the mobile app, and this card becomes a very versatile payment method. You can use it to transfer cash, even if it’s a cryptocurrency, make payments worldwide, and have complete control of your spending. The only thing that you should carefully consider is the limits this card has.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reference Index

  1. Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). European Central Bank
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Basic Information
Issuer: Other Issuers
Network: VISA
Category: Consumer (Stored Value)
Best Used For:
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Debit Cards
  • Every Day Purchases
  • No Credit
  • No Min Income Required
  • Virtual Card
Rewards: No
Rates & Fees
Annual Fee: See Terms
Opening Min: $5
Application Fee: $0
Other Fees:
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $15.00
  • Replacement debit card: $10.00
  • Receiving money in a foreign currency: 1%

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Jeton Visa® Debit Card

Jeton Visa® Debit Card


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Additional Information & Comments

You must be at least 18 years old to open, operate and hold a Jeton Wallet Account.

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Jeton Visa® Debit Card

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Jeton Visa® Debit Card

Jeton Visa® Debit Card

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