Although unique credit card designs are often used as a fashion statement, they can provide a few less obvious benefits. Of course, they show that you have some sense of style and taste, but looks are only the beginning. A custom credit card design can work well as theft protection and improve your wallet organization. If you haven’t thought about creating a unique credit card design by now, stay with us, and we’ll explain why that’s a good idea. Unique designs won’t affect your credit terms and conditions in any way, but you can still get some less obvious benefits.

Eye-Catching Designs

Custom credit card designs are easier to recognize, and they allow you to express your sense of fashion and uniqueness. Moreover, it’s going to be harder to mix up your credit cards with someone else because of the unique design. You won’t leave your card on the table thinking that it’s someone else’s, or forget it in stores when you go shopping.  Like a unique smartphone case that makes it easier to find your phone, individual credit card designs do the same thing. The bottom line is that custom card designs improve security by working as theft prevention.

Prevents Theft

Everyone knows that credit card thieves work in secrecy. They have to stay inconspicuous to make sure that no one figures them out. Imagine a thief trying to spend money using a card with an authentic design, or better yet, a photo of the owner’s face. That will surely make it much harder for the thief as he might be facing questions he won’t be ready to answer. Some card issuers allow you to place a photo of yourself on the card. That way, the store clerks will always know that the card belongs to you. Custom credit card designs can make a difference.

Better Wallet Organization

Many people own multiple credit cards. If you’re one of them, you probably fail to find the card you’re looking for all the time. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the correct card with a line of people behind you. Sometimes you even have to take all of the cards out of your wallet to find the one you’re looking for. Well, a custom card design can help you organize your wallet much better. You will know which card you need every time you take a look, which will save you some time and nerves. If you customize all of your cards, your wallet will be organized much better, allowing you to find the card you need quickly.

You can arrange them depending on the colours. Use a family photo on your card, and print your company’s logo on your business card. If you travel a lot, getting a foreign currency transaction fee card will help you a lot. Get one with a print of a famous landmark that reminds you of travel. There are all kinds of methods you can use to organize your wallet, but the main idea is to make all of your credit cards easily recognizable.

Holding multiple credit cards will help you build up your credit scores faster, as long as you manage to pay your bills on time. Don’t max them out and make sure that your debts are always paid fully.

Monochrome Credit Card Designs

If you’re one of those people that don’t like designs with a lot of colours or photo prints, you might be interested in a minimalistic modern design that stands out. Credit cards are usually blue, green, yellow, or white by default. However, there are a few single-colour options that look much better.

For example, black credit cards are among the most popular monochrome designs because they simply look slick and impressive. You will get that professional look that speaks more about you as a person. Of course, gold credit cards are also a popular choice among people who want to look luxurious. Nothing leaves a better impression than a platinum or gold credit card. Even if you don’t own these cards, other people will think that you do, and that can completely change how people see you.

Card Designs with the Perfect Photo

While some credit card issuers allow you to use any photo you want, others offer a library of pictures you can choose from. The offer usually includes hundreds of different photos, so everyone can find something they like. It might take a while to browse through all available pictures since many designs are simply beautiful. Don’t rush, take your time, narrow the offer down to the top 5 designs, and make the best choice.

These designs include flowers, landscapes, buildings, animals, movie images, music bands, sports teams, etc. For example, if you’re a fan of L.A. Lakers, you can probably find a photo design with your favourite players. On the other hand, if you’re a die-hard fan of the Lord of the Rings, you can find a few different LOTR designs. It might take some time to find the right photo, but the result makes it worthwhile.

Show Your Personality with Colorful Card Design

Monochrome cards are a trendy choice, but they are not for everyone. If you’re a person that prefers colourful designs over something simple, there are plenty of designs you can choose from. You can find all kinds of colourful logo designs, sports team logos, cartoon characters, etc. Members of the LGBTQ+ community can get the rainbow card design to help them stand out even more. You have hundreds, if not thousands, of options you can experiment with. Some of them even allow you to combine colours yourself until you come up with something truly unique. The final design depends only on your creativity.

Card Designs with Personal Photos

Some people prefer printing their photos on credit cards. Many issuers allow you to fully personalize your credit card design with your photos, images, and drawings. You can upload any image you want, so you’ll always recognize it, no matter what. The process is usually done upon applying for the card. Just upload a photo you want to see on your credit card, and that’s it. Those photos include family pictures, pictures of your pet, your photos, unique graphic designs, and so on.

Make sure you check the card issuer’s restrictions before you upload a photo. There are usually more details about the file format, image size, quality, and so on.

The Credit Card Art Depends on The Issuer

If you want to get a credit card based on visual appeal, you have to check if the issuer allows customized designs. The feature is not available with every card issuer, so make sure to check if the card you want to get allows unique card designs. If you’re not sure, call customer support for more details.

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