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If you’re considering getting a new Canadian credit card, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Credit cards come with lots of fine print that’s difficult to understand and learn, and if you’re uninformed, your credit card can do you more damage than good. To ensure you are prepared for a new line of credit, and to ensure that you can use that credit responsibly, you need to get informed. Our Canada Learn section contains important information regarding credit cards, banking, insurance, loans, and more, and it’s all presented in a manner that’s easy to understand. Read on and make an informed financial decision.

Picture of a man who found errors on his credit report

5 Common Errors Found On Credit Reports. How to Spot and Fix.

Errors on your credit report can have an impact on your credit rating and this can prevent you from securing new credit. It is important to be aware of the different types of errors that occur and how to take care of them so you can rectify them if this happens to you.

Tangerine World vs Tangerine Money-Back

Tangerine World Mastercard vs Tangerine Money Back

If you are a regular Tangerine bank user or a new cardhodler you might want to compare both – regular Money-Bank and upgraded World Mastercard betwen to knwo the differences and choose the best for your needs to apply.

How Credit Card interest works in Canada

Credit Card Interest in Canada. How Does it Work?

Many Canadians turn to credit card solutions as the best way out of their financial perils. It’s important to know how credit card interest works in Canada before you apply, so you know how to avoid paying high interest and save money.