With approximately 8,000 branded terminals, Digital Commerce Bank has the largest ATM network in Canada. Here’s something more about the available services at the company.

Card Services

DC Bank’s clients can choose between custom prepaid cards, secured cards (like Refresh Secured Visa or Plastk Secured Visa), or popular Visa and Mastercards credit cards. Regardless of your chosen card, you can use it for ATM cash withdrawals, in-store payments, and online purchases. Corporate clients can also include their customers in DC Bank’s platform to make payment and funding processes as streamlined as possible. Customizable card programs allow companies to make the most of the available services. That way, everyone involved in the process experiences a high level of flexibility.

Plastk Secured Card – best for those who want to get cash back rewards for everyday purchases, free monthly credit score, and Zero Fraud Liability.

Plastk Student Secured Rewards (Discontinued) – best for students who want to get rewarded for everyday card use and start building credit.

Refresh Financial Secured – best for those who want a secured credit card with a $200 minimum credit that reports to both credit bureaus and has low fees.

Bank Accounts

As previously mentioned, DC Bank offers two types of bank accounts – personal and business. Naturally, these two bank accounts come with some differences.

Personal accounts

Personal accounts at Digital Commerce Bank are pretty flexible and don’t have plenty of requirements. For example, clients don’t have to fulfill a minimum balance requirement for opening a personal bank account or pay countless fees. Speaking of fees, personal account users only have to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95. Other charges include a $1 fee for all approved ATM transactions and a $1.50 fee for Interac e-Transfer services.

All clients with a personal account have CDIC insurance for up to $100,000. Moreover, clients can choose from a secured credit cards, regular debit card, a prepaid Visa, or a prepaid Mastercard upon opening a personal account at DC Bank. Another option is to open a Direct Deposit Only personal account. With this account, users receive unlimited transfers with no transaction fees for only $9.95 per month.

Business accounts

Companies and businesses can open a corporate account at Digital Commerce Bank for only $49.95 per month, so it’s a great cost-effective option for all starting businesses that don’t have plenty of capital. Like personal accounts, DC Bank’s business accounts don’t have minimum balance requirements either. Additionally, corporate clients have a safe deposit. Web and mobile banking services are free, but wire transfers come with a hefty fee, whether domestic or international. Also, Interac e-Transfer services come with a $1.50 transaction fee.

Payment Solutions

Various payment solutions at Digital Commerce Bank allow clients to move their funds quickly, easily, and, most importantly, securely. Some essential features regarding making payments that you might find helpful include:

  • Same-day payment processing;
  • Access to Visa Direct and Interac e-Transfer;
  • Bulk transfers;
  • Recurring payments.

Besides these features, clients can also choose from three pricing models, depending on their transaction amount. The available pricing models are:

  • Basic: a $500 monthly minimum and 5,000 transactions;
  • Pro: a $3,000 monthly minimum and 100,000 transactions;
  • Enterprise:more than 100,000 transactions. It also includes individual support and custom solutions.

Lending Services

Digital Commerce Bank also offers lending services to its clients. With its unique lending platform, clients can manage their loans efficiently. What’s more, it’s possible to integrate other services available at DC Bank with the lending platform and experience an utterly streamlined use process. DC Bank lending focuses on providing its clients with the highest levels of security. Since the bank has access to personal and highly confidential information, several sophisticated online security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized data access. Some technologies the bank uses are encryption, firewalls, and digital certificates.

Digital Wallets

Finally, DC Bank allows its clients to build digital wallets and manage payments from multiple sources. Digital wallets can be beneficial because clients can track real-time balance updates and access detailed reports regarding their account use. Digital Commerce Bank offers three choices for the use of digital wallets:

  • Basic:10,000 wallets and a $1,500 monthly minimum requirement;
  • Pro:25,000 wallets and a $2,500 monthly minimum requirement;
  • Enterprise: more than 25,000 wallets.

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