Fairstone Bank Products and Services

While Fairstone Bank offers many services to businesses, it’s important to note that they assign a team of professionals to every account. Their team consists of finance specialists and experts in risk, marketing, sales, and operations. It enables the bank to accurately assess the company’s needs and offer custom-tailored solutions that benefit the company the most. Here are all the Fairstone Bank of Canada services to help you achieve your business goals.

Credit Card Services

Fairstone Bank can develop custom credit programs for businesses of all sizes and across industries. If you want to attract more customers, a credit program can provide you access to credit cards like Walmart Rewards Mastercard and Walmart Rewards World Mastercard. In addition to standard credit card services, this bank also helps you collect valuable customer data, get customer insights, and make informed business decisions.

Credit Financing Solutions

Some customers need more financial support than others. Fairstone Bank’s credit financing solutions can help you do it. It can help you increase your credit card usage, attract more customers, and increase revenue.

Protection Services

Today’s customers are more aware of the risks associated with in-person and online purchases. They need assurance that their finances are well protected, and their purchases are secure. Fairstone Bank protection services can help you build a trustworthy and reliable brand. Everything works right out of the box, and the bank will help you use the related technologies and best practices to provide peace of mind to your customers.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Fairstone Bank issues Guaranteed Investment Certificates (CIGs) to its clients. Over the years, the bank managed to build a network of investment advisors and brokers. Thanks to this valuable network, the bank can help businesses achieve their investment goals, be it short or long-term ones. CIGs come with terms ranging from one to five years. The current bank’s portfolio includes $1 billion worth of issued CIGs to companies in Canada.

Additional Fairstone Bank products

In addition to the basic Fairstone Bank of Canada services, the bank also offers additional services through Fairstone Financial Inc., the bank’s subsidiary that is owned entirely by the bank.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Fairstone Financial Inc. offers unsecured personal loans. If you need a loan, you should know that Fairstone has loans ranging from $500 to $25,000. This service comes with fixed rates and advertises as enabling customers to repay the loan via affordable payments.

Secured Loans

As expected, the limit on Fairstone’s secured loans is higher than in personal loans. If you want to back a loan with home equity, you will be able to loan between $5,000 and $50,000. The bank offers loan payment calculators for both unsecured and secured personal loans.


Consumers can also apply for a mortgage through Fairstone. The mortgages are available to people whether they are refinancing a first mortgage or applying for a second mortgage. The bank enables the consumers to change their amortization period and save extra cash by consolidating high-interest debts. Fairstone allows consumers to borrow up to $400,000 for the first mortgage and up to $125,000 for the second mortgage.

Point-of-Sale Financing

If you own a business and want to delight your customers with the ability to pay for purchases over time, you should dive deeper into Fairstone’s point-of-sale financing program. POS financing program includes customer support, custom financing plans, and an online financing application.

Automobile Financing

If you are running a car dealership in Canada, you should check out Fairstone’s automobile financing program. The program is designed to help you provide flexible automobile financing options whether you are selling brand new or used vehicles.

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