Scotiabank SCENE® Visa® Card

Get 10,000 bonus and earn Scene+ points on everyday purchases

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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The Scene Visa Card is an award-winning credit card. It has won the People's Choice award as the best credit card of 2021 and 2022. The card requires no additional fees and can be used for everyday purchases that will build your credit score. For each dollar you spend using this card, you will earn Scene+ points that can later be redeemed and used for various purposes.







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Scotiabank SCENE® Visa® Card

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Key Features

  • Earn up to 10,000 bonus Scene+ points within your first year.1 Offer ends 30 April 2023
  • Earn 2x Scene+ points for every $1 you spend on credit card purchases at Cineplex™ theatres or at
  • Earn 2X Scene+ points for each dollar charged to your account on all eligible purchases at Sobeys, IGA, Safeway, Foodland, FreshCo, Voila by Sobeys, Voila by IGA, Voila by Safeway, Chalo! FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, IGA West, Les Marches Tradition, Rachelle Bery, and Co-Op.
  • Earn 1 Scene+ point for every $1 you spend on your everyday eligible credit card purchases
  • Redeem Scene+™* points for travel, shopping, entertainment, dining, banking, and more.
  • Free supplementary cards

Our Take

SCENE Visa Credit Card is Best for

  • When you don’t want to pay an annual fee;
  • When you want to build your credit score;
  • If you want to save money and use it for a specific purpose (such as travelling);
  • When you want all the perks of digital banking.

SCENE Visa Card Advantages

Since this card has won the best credit card award, let’s look at what makes it so great.


This card doesn’t function on a cashback principle. Instead, you collect points and rewards that you can later use for different purposes. Visa and Scotiabank have partnerships with many companies, such as Cineplex, and you can redeem the rewards you collect when you make a purchase at some of these companies. For example, spending a dollar on groceries will earn a point for your next grocery shopping.


If you are a first-time user of this card, you will earn a bonus once you start using your card. The bonus consists of 5,000 Scene+ points for the first $750 that you can use for 3 months. These points can be used for, for example, dining at a specific restaurant.


As previously mentioned, there is no fee for the Scene Visa Card. You don’t have to pay for maintenance and there is no annual fee. Getting and using this card is completely free of charge.


Scotia bank’s team realized that, sometimes, it might be difficult to manage to pay off a particular purchase within a month. Luckily, SelectPay allows you to make a plan for purchases that are over $100. You can choose to pay off your purchase in 3, 6, or 12 months. Moreover, the interest rate you will pay will be lower than the standard one.


In partnership with AVIS, Scotiabank and Visa offer a discount for every car rental you take with a Scotiabank Visa card. The discounts can go up to 25% for any purchase you make. You can make these purchases at all AVIS locations across Canada and the United States.

Digital banking

In the modern world, we all like to have an insight into our finances. With the Scene Visa Card, you can always access your account, balance, and credit score. You can track the amount you’ve spent and when you have spent it.


Scotiabank offers insurance for every card, which is also the case with Scene Visa Card. Insurance available for this card consists of two options: Basic protection and Comprehensive protection. If you want to feel safer and be secured in an emergency, you can look at the insurance plans Scotiabank offers with this Scene credit card.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Although there aren’t many downsides to this card, it is important to mention that the Scene Visa Credit Card is not made for everyone.

Interest rate

Credit cards always have an interest rate you will have to pay off at the end of the month. The interest rate with the Scene Visa Card can be as high as 22.99% (for cash advances, such as balance transfers) and as low as 19.99% (for purchases).

Insurance fee

You must become a premium member to get insurance with the Scene Visa Card. Whenever there is a premium account, there is a fee. The fee is calculated for every $100 you have in your account. In short, the fee depends on your balance.

Limited choices

When it comes to Scene+ rewards and points, there is a limited amount of things you can spend your reward on. For example, if you want to spend your rewards on dining, only a few restaurants accept these points.


The Scene+ program might seem like an excellent way to save up for specific purposes. However, it may take a long time before you can redeem your rewards. For example, if you want to use your points for eating out, you will have to collect 500 points and redeem them as $5 in restaurants that accept these rewards. You will have to spend $500 on everyday purchases or $100 in Cineplex theatres.

What Makes SCENE Visa Credit Card Different

The Scene Visa Card has a unique way of rewarding its users. Namely, it doesn’t work like a typical cashback feature – you instead collect points that you can later redeem for various purposes. You can use these points for traveling, shopping, dining, etc.

However, it might be time-consuming to collect these points and be able to redeem them. It’s like this: for every purchase you make – you get a small amount of money. To get $5, you will have to spend either $100 or $500.

Nevertheless, this card is excellent for interactively building your credit score. People like to collect points and rewards. What makes this card stand out is its approach to saving.

Another thing that makes the Scene Visa Card unique is that there are no annual fees. You can also get supplementary cards and not pay an annual fee.

Scene Visa Card Alternatives and Competition

Bottom Line

The Scene Visa Card has a unique approach to credit building and saving. It uses an interactive way to make people save money with rewards and bonuses. We recommend this card if your goal is to make your financial journey more entertaining. With this card, you can set your own goals and meet them. For example, if you want to travel, you can collect points and use them to get a discount for your next trip.

Overall, this is an excellent credit card for those who find credit-building a bit underwhelming. You can use this card to collect rewards for various purposes, but remember that the options are limited. The Scene Visa Card has its good sides and bad sides. However, as you can see, the advantages are taking over.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic Information
Issuer: Scotiabank
Network: VISA
Category: Consumer (Regular)
Best Used For:
  • Instant Decision
  • Every Day Purchases
  • Sign-Up Bonus
  • New to Credit
  • Build Credit
Rewards: Yes
Reward Types:
  • Universal Rewards
  • Other Rewards
Reward Units: Point
Rates & Fees
Regular APR: 19.99%
Regular APR Type:
Annual Fee: $0
Balance Transfer: Yes
APR on Cash Advances: 22.99%
Grace Period: See Terms
Other Fees:
  • Foreign Currency Conversion: 2.5%
  • Dishonored Payment Fee: $48
  • Penalty APR: N/A
  • Late Fee: N/A
  • Minimum Payment Due: N/A
  • Return Payment Fee: $48

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Scotiabank SCENE® Visa® Card

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February 16, 2021
Helen (26-35) - Cardholder
Income on Application
Credit Score
Fair (580-669)
Credit Limit
Filed for Bankruptcy

A good card with rewards

My brother and I are huge movie fans, so when my colleague told me about the VISA credit card that offers a movie pass, I was thrilled. I love VISA, have three of their cards, so I contacted the support center, and they filled me in on everything I needed to know. The application was so easy, and I earned points with each purchase. It isn’t the best card in the world, as the card offers no intro rates, but who cares? I get to take my little brother to movies for free, which is quite enough for me.
Fees & Charges:
Features & Benefits:
Customer Support:
Application Process:
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Scotiabank SCENE® Visa® Card

Scotiabank SCENE® Visa® Card

Rec. Credit Score: Good

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