Scotiabank® GM® Visa® Infinite Card

Updated: Jul 4, 2024

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The Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card is a convenient credit card with great rewards for any car lover. It helps you collect GM Earnings on everyday purchases that you can redeem at any time for discounts on all new GMCs, Buicks, Cadillacs, and Chevrolets.

It features no rewards earning caps, no redemption limits, and no annual fees in the first year for new cardholders. Additional benefits include 7 types of travel insurance coverage, extended warranty, and purchase protection. You could also get up to 25% off car rentals at AVIS and Budget participating locations. Apply for this Infinite Card, and start reaping the benefits, today!


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Scotiabank® GM® Visa® Infinite Card

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Key Features

  • First-year annual fee waived◊
  • Get closer to your new car with up to 5% in GM Earnings
  • Earn 5% in GM Earnings on the first $10,000 spent annually, and 2% thereafter
  • $1 in GM Earning = $1 off the purchase price or lease of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac
  • No earning or redemption caps

Our Take

Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card can be an excellent card if you’re saving up for a new GM vehicle. It collects excellent rewards in the form of GM Earnings that you can spend on accruing discounts for any Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, or GMC. It has high applicant criteria, requiring a good or excellent credit rating and a minimum personal income of $60,000. New cardholders can enjoy a full year without annual fees on their primary and supplementary cards if their accounts are in good standing. Overall, it’s an excellent credit card that can help you increase your savings on your next vehicle when used correctly.

Who Is This Card for?

This Premium Card is for responsible cardholders with a good credit history and a love for GM vehicles. As it collects excellent GM Earnings in which $1 of earnings is transferred to $1 off the purchase price, the cardholder can get an attractive deal on all new Buicks, GMCs, Cadillacs, and Chevrolets. So, if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, this card could be a wonderful choice. However, this is not a card for those who dislike GM vehicles or prefer to buy second-hand cars. While there are no earning caps or redemption limits, you can only use GM Earnings on new GM vehicles.

Scotiabank GM Visa Infinite Card Benefits

No other card offers rewards as high as the GM Visa Infinite credit card. While some issuers will offer 5% back, the limit is often on a much lower amount, or for a much shorter period of time.

With this Scotiabank’s offer, all cardholders can receive 5% on the first $10,000 of their annual purchases, and the rewards don’t stop there. All the following purchases will earn 2% back, so you’re looking at quite high savings on your new vehicle.

In addition, you’ll be getting excellent travel coverage, purchase security that will keep your new items covered in case of theft, damage, or loss, and extended warranty for up to a year on guaranteed items you charge to the card.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The card’s biggest disadvantages are the high application requirements and relatively high fees. All applicants need to have a good or excellent credit score and a minimum personal income of $60,000. If you don’t meet the personal income requirement, you could also be approved if you have a household income of $100,000 or $250,000 in assets under management.

Should You Use GM Visa Infinite Card?

If you plan on investing in a new GM vehicle sometime in the next several years, and if you meet the high application requirements, then this card can be an excellent choice for you. By being patient with the card and collecting GM Earnings over time, you could end up saving quite a lot of money on your new set of wheels. Without earning caps and redemption limits, you could potentially pay off the entire car using just GM rewards. It would require a lot of time, but it’s possible.


  • High rewards
  • No earning caps
  • No redemption limits
  • Good travel coverage
  • No annual fees in the first year


  • Stringent application requirements
  • Relatively high fees
  • Limited vehicle brands
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Basic Information
Issuer: Scotiabank
Network: VISA
Category: Consumer (Premium)
Review: Full Card Review
Best Used For:
  • Instant Decision
  • Co-Branded
  • Every Day Purchases
  • Sign-Up Bonus
  • Car Lovers
Rewards: Yes
Reward Types:
  • Auto Rewards
  • Universal Rewards
  • Other Rewards
Reward Units: Cash
Rates & Fees
Regular APR: 19.99%
Regular APR Type:
Annual Fee: See Terms
Balance Transfer: Yes
APR on Cash Advances: 22.99%
Grace Period: See Terms
Other Fees:
  • Foreign Currency Conversion: 2.50 %
  • Dishonored Payment Fee: $48

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Scotiabank® GM® Visa® Infinite Card

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February 5, 2021
Michael S. Junior (26-35) - Cardholder
Income on Application
Credit Score
Good (670-739)
Credit Limit
Filed for Bankruptcy

High rewards and fantastic travel coverage

I was about to buy a car, so I needed some additional finances to support my action. A friend of mine told me about this card and I’m really glad he did. The card doesn’t include any annual fee and, even though the interest rates are a bit steep, it still allows you to earn fast and offers traveller safety. I travel a lot, which is why I need such a benefit. It wasn’t easy to get it though, the card issuer had strict requirements, but I managed in the end. I would definitely recommend owning this card.
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Features & Benefits:
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Application Process:
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Scotiabank® GM® Visa® Infinite Card

Scotiabank® GM® Visa® Infinite Card

Rec. Credit Score: Excellent

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