Scotiabank® No-Fee Value VISA® Card

Low rate, no annual fee card with 6 months intro rate

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

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The No-Fee Scotiabank Value Visa card is a competitive card with no annual fee, low interest, an introductory period, fraud protection, online account management, and the ability to do everything you would expect to be able to do with a quality credit card, such as cash advances and balance transfers.







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Scotiabank® No-Fee  Value VISA® Card

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Introductory APR


Intro APR Period

6 months on BT

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Key Features

  • 3.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for the first 6 months (16.99% after that)
  • A great low rate with no annual fee
  • Pay down balances faster
  • Simplify your monthly payments

Our Take

The No-Fee Value Visa credit card from Scotiabank is straightforward in its rate, its fees, and how it breaks everything down for the cardholder. There is an introductory annual interest rate, a low default interest rate, and there is no annual fee. This is in addition to the fact that the fees for cash advances and balance transfers are highly competitive.

Cardholders even have the option of using the card internationally where Visa is accepted without having to pay large fees to do so. The extent of these fees goes to an over-the-limit fee, dishonored Cheque fees, and penalty interest if two late payments are made in a row or three late payments are made in a 12 month period. The way the card breaks down the monthly payment helps the cardholder see what is going into that payment. It is broken down into fees, interest, and a minimum monthly amount. By minimizing fees, the payment can be controlled.

Interest on purchases can be avoided by paying off the entire balance within the 21-day grace period. If the balance is not paid off in any given billing cycle, then the cardholder is given 25 days to pay off the account and avoid interest. Doing this, again and again, allows the cardholder to keep the account in good standing and get the most out of the credit limit that is on the card. This could even lead to credit line increases that allow the No-Fee Value Visa cardholder to have more spending power. These are just some of the options available. Others include fraud protection and online account management.

Scotiabank No-Fee Value Visa Competition


  • Introductory rates
  • No annual fee
  • Free supplementary card


  • Higher APR on purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic Information
Issuer: Scotiabank
Network: VISA
Category: Consumer (Regular)
Best Used For:
  • Instant Decision
  • Low Interest
Rewards: No
Rates & Fees
Introductory APR (%): 3.99%
Applied Towards:
  • Balance Transfer
Intro Period: 6 months on BT
Regular APR: 16.99%
Regular APR Type:
Annual Fee: $0
Balance Transfer: Yes
APR on Cash Advances: 16.99%
Grace Period: See Terms
Other Fees:
  • Foreign Currency Conversion fee: 2.5%
  • Dishonoured Payment Fee: $48

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Scotiabank® No-Fee Value VISA® Card

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January 7, 2021
Mike (26-35) - Cardholder
Income on Application
Credit Score
Good (670-739)
Credit Limit
Filed for Bankruptcy

A no-fee card with a low interest

I don’t know about other people’s experiences, but this card works like a charm for me. Aside from all the regular goodies like balance transfers and cash advances, it allows me to rent cars at great rates, which is an important thing in my line of work. I ain’t even gonna mention user protection and the second card you get for free. If you have to frequently use a card, this one right here is just perfect for that and then some! The only downside is a slightly higher APR on purchases, but that’s manageable :)
Fees & Charges:
Features & Benefits:
Customer Support:
Application Process:
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Scotiabank® No-Fee  Value VISA® Card

Scotiabank® No-Fee Value VISA® Card

Rec. Credit Score: Good

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